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Yori Evo

The evolution of accent lighting - Yori Evo + Yori Evo Ghostrack. The Yori Evo series extends the Yori family of projectors, and launches the Yori Evo Ghostrack. A new series of game changing ...
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Yori linear

A light that makes a space - Yori Linear. Yori linear comes with five different diffusers and a variety of lengths to provide you with endless lighting possibilities. The track mounting is ideal...
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YouBeep Smarter in-store shopping experience

YouBeep give retailer’s the power to engage with their customers the way they intend to, bringing the in-store experience to the next level. YouBeep is a system based on a patented pluggable device...
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Yourcegid Retail

Multi-channel store and eCommerce solution
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Yoyo Engage

Yoyo Engage will help bring the bricks-and-mortar retailers and brands into the digital age, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the buying habits of customers whilst also providing a platform t...
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